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stupid aol!

Megan 971059: what's up babe ;), Go to this website for a good time

KHAoTiX 3K: hey!

KHAoTiX 3K: whats going on?

KHAoTiX 3K: i just got my kids back

KHAoTiX 3K: from that guy in brazil...

KHAoTiX 3K: are you coming to the picnic on tuesday?

KHAoTiX 3K: the whole familys going to be there

KHAoTiX 3K: uncle charles

KHAoTiX 3K: grandpa munster

KHAoTiX 3K: cousin rupert

KHAoTiX 3K: and we're gonna have lasagna;-)

KHAoTiX 3K: your favorite!

KHAoTiX 3K: hopefully chris does not ruin it again! laugh laugh lol haha

KHAoTiX 3K: oh, i have to tell you about frank!

KHAoTiX 3K: so i wake up in the middle of the night last friday, right?

KHAoTiX 3K: and i hear footsteps...

KHAoTiX 3K: so i follow the sound to young bill jr.'s room

KHAoTiX 3K: and what do i see?


KHAoTiX 3K: so i called the police department today. frank doesn't know i know...

KHAoTiX 3K: but the police are coming for him tomorrow morning

KHAoTiX 3K: bright and early

KHAoTiX 3K: should be a good christmas, huh?

KHAoTiX 3K: i hope bin laden doesn't terror the towers again

KHAoTiX 3K: like last time

KHAoTiX 3K: millions of people...burned and deaded

KHAoTiX 3K: my heart goes out to them this christmas

KHAoTiX 3K: oo, watch this, my daughter showed me this:

KHAoTiX 3K: >3

KHAoTiX 3K: !!

KHAoTiX 3K: it's a heart. isnt that adorable?!

KHAoTiX 3K: :-*

KHAoTiX 3K: well i think it is

KHAoTiX 3K: well, i'm gonna head off to bed. i figure i know ;-);-)with frank one last time before he gets murdered in jail

KHAoTiX 3K: that asshole

KHAoTiX 3K: have a great night! tell everyone i said hello!

KHAoTiX 3K: >333>3333:-*

KHAoTiX 3K: goodnight

KHAoTiX 3K: love ya

i love being an asshole to these things. immature? damn straight!
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April 22 2005, 08:46:22 UTC 13 years ago


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I currently have a source that sells acid, 2c-i, dxm, mdma and 5-meo-amt

I am willing to swap urls if you can help me. my source is legitimate, i've dealt with them two times so far and they have delivered exactly what i ordered on each occasion (dxm the first time, and acid/mdma the second time)

thanks and i hope we can help each other


(p.s my email is, email if you are interested)